Media Host


As an actress I have had the privilege of developing my career in different areas. One of my favorites is Media Host. In this role I have worked in webshows, radio and events.


Report | Heineken x Pousta


During 2015, I worked as a presenter for Report. 

Report was a web show which covered the major music festivals in Chile inquiring about costume styles and musical tastes from an indie look to stand out from the classic review.


Radio | Sonar FM & Súbela radio 



In 2013 I started on the radio format in first as a radio show host of "Audífonos de Lujo" program next to Martín de Mussy and Felipe Ramos and then in 2014 I became the official voice of the radio.

In 2016 I had the privilege of working alongside Alfredo Lewin, ex MTV Vj, in radio Sonar FM. 

My space called "Estilo Sonar" reviewed the aesthetic evolution of different bands, musicians and musical styles along history. 
The influence and brotherhood between music and design .


 Host | Celadores  


In 2015 I was conductor of the project "Ventana Celadores".

This project was a web show produced by Celadores Records which consisted of live interviews with bands that perfomed infront of the public.